The Israeli army storms Nablus, kills 6 Palestinians and injures 20

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced Tuesday that the death toll of the city of Nablus at the hands of the Israeli army has risen to 6, as well as 20 injured.

This occurred during an Israeli army raid into the center of Nablus city, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. Local sources confirmed to AFP that the Israeli army is still besieging several places in the city, where from time to time in explosions are heard so much.

Earlier, the director of ambulance and emergency at the Red Crescent in Nablus, Ahmed Jibril, said: “Medical teams have dealt with 3 dead and 19 wounded with live bullets, including serious injuries.” The number then rose to 5 dead and 20 injured. He added that the wounded were transferred to Rafidia Hospital and Arab Hospital in Nablus.

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While the “Wafa” agency reported that Israeli forces stormed several neighborhoods of the city’s old city after being bombed, where sounds of gunfire and explosions were heard and plumes of smoke and flames were seen emanating from different neighborhoods. He also reported that this was followed by the outbreak of violent clashes between citizens and Israeli forces, which sent large military reinforcements with the support of drones. The Israeli army prevented ambulance crews from reaching the Old City to transport many of the wounded who fell during the assault on the city.