The Israeli government official is investigating the onslaught

The Israeli government watchdog said today, Monday, that it is conducting an investigation into the deaths of 45 people during a rush during a Jewish religious ceremony in last week will initiate.

The auditor Matagnaho Engelman said his office did that die The work of the Israeli government will be monitored die Investigate the circumstances of the incident.

Engelman was at a press conference while giving a speech in Jerusalem believes that “this is an event that could have been prevented”. Engelman added that his report would be based on die Concentrate on-site actions by political decision-makers, police and rescue workers.

According to the Comptroller General, his office warned in the years 2008 and 2011 that the location with its functions is not in is able to accommodate tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of visitors. “Had this been corrected, would have die Disaster may be avoided, “he added.

Homeland Security Minister Amir Ohana, who is close to the Prime Minister, has said he is ready to take on “responsibility”, not personal guilt.

For her part, Transport Minister Miri Regev has been criticized for allowing dozens of public buses to transport people to the construction site without opposing security measures.

This is the day after a national day of mourning on Sunday for 45 men and boys, attested by Israel, die died in an onslaught known as die worst disaster for the country since its inception is called.

On Sunday, Israeli newspapers put black badges on their front pages, one of which spoke of a “government failure” and another called for accountability to determine who was responsible for the Friday incident.

The huge onslaught came on Friday at dawn during a Jewish pilgrimage to the tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai in northern Israel, which was attended by tens of thousands.

The Abu Kabir National Institute of Forensic Medicine gave die Identification of the remains of all dead is known, some of which were buried before the Saturday break while others were buried late Saturday-Sunday evening.

Among the victims are nine foreigners from the USA, Canada, Argentina and Great Britain, as well as two Israeli brothers, die Likewise die Have French citizenship.

The rush took place during a ceremony at the die Genders in the men’s division were separated when themselves die Participants through a narrow corridor that opens up in turned a deadly point of suffocation, moved from place to place.

On Sunday bat Defense Minister Benny Gantz, who is also the incumbent Justice Department, asked the Israeli attorney general to examine whether die current caretaker government could set up a state committee of inquiry, the highest level of investigation in Israel.

“Only a government inquiry can consider all of the elements of the disaster as they are about to die fullest authority and die Tools has to die make necessary recommendations, “said Gantz in an explanation.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, for his part, promised to conduct a comprehensive investigation while several Knesset members die Demanded the formation of an official committee of inquiry.

On Sunday, Netanyahu avoided making any more public statements die To make disaster while visiting a hospital in the die Wounded were treated.

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