The Japanese create a food supplement from mushrooms

If the patient does not have enough iron, he begins to suffer from pain in the stomach.

He often wants to go to the toilet. And he cannot do this for several days and even weeks due to constipation. To deal with this, the patient is usually given iron. But it helps him badly, because iron is quickly and uncontrollably absorbed into the bloodstream, which often leads to even more problems.

Therefore, Japanese researchers, known for their commitment to healthy eating, have created a new nutritional supplement. Food supplements are usually made from herbs and bacteria. The Japanese were the first to use mushrooms.

Aspergillus oryzae grows in soil rich in ferrous sulfate and absorbs it. As soon as this fungus enters the human body, it does not rush, but gives iron slowly, which makes the patient return to health.

Russian-American researcher D. Ancha Baranova: “After taking a capsule of such iron, we do not get a shocking dose of rapidly absorbed sulfate, but we get a slow-acting biological drug that does not differ at all from placebo in its intestinal action, but helps to better treat anemia.” Lots of iron bricks.

The Japanese call their medicine koji, and visitors will tell you they know the word. So, in fact, the food medium is called, like yeast, on which such sweets as soy sauce are made. The word is ambiguous, like matter itself, and has now acquired a new property.

Source: TASS