The Joker Reveals an Elegant New Getup That Is Appropriate for His Title as the “Prince” of Crime

The Joker has unveiled a classy new costume that perfectly embodies his moniker as the ‘Clown Prince of Crime.’ This addition to the clown’s wardrobe isn’t just sophisticated; it is a welcome return to one of the Joker’s most beloved and dearly missed character designs, something fans have longed for, particularly after enduring what some consider a series of questionable Joker iterations.

Batman #139 Introduces the Joker’s New Look

Batman #139 – by Chip Zdarsky, Jorge Jiménez, and Tomeu Morey – introduces the Joker’s new look: a pristine, classy white suit seamlessly integrated into the clown prince’s storied wardrobe. This suit is poised to claim its place among the Joker’s most outstanding ensembles, marking a pivotal moment in the ever-evolving tale of his stylistic evolution.

Jorge Jimenez’s Refined Character Design

Artist Jorge Jimenez’s unparalleled artistry elevates this wardrobe update to iconic status, teasing a promising new chapter in the Joker’s infamous fashion journey. Jimenez presents a fresh and refined look for Joker, introducing a sophisticated white suit infused with the clown’s signature quirks. The suit’s distinguished details include coattails adorned with a tasteful purple trim and accented by elegantly contrasting purple buttons, paired with a vibrant purple dress shirt and an exuberant green bow tie.


The Joker’s Sophisticated Fashion Journey

Jimenez’s interpretation of the Joker in a white suit resonates with Clay Mann’s iconic character design, showcasing the character’s innate ability to carry off the white case look with sheer panache. Their collective artwork exemplifies the Joker’s flair for sophistication and is a compelling testament to the character’s versatile fashion portrayal.

A Return to Regal Elegance

Jimenez’s refined and polished character design for the Joker departs from the unsettling and less elegant character designs seen in previous iterations, reintroducing a regal elegance befitting the ‘Clown Prince of Crime.’ This deliberate shift in strategy ensures that the ‘Prince’ aspect of the Joker’s moniker shines through, signifying a commendable departure from recent questionable character designs.

The Joker’s new costume is a refreshing change that pays homage to the character’s iconic nature, offering a welcomed return to sophistication and elegance. Jimenez’s artwork brings a sense of class to the Clown Prince of Crime, signaling a new chapter in the Joker’s stylistic evolution and leaving fans eagerly anticipating future comic renditions of this iconic character.

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