The Jordanian Government: We will not allow incitement activities

Promised on Sunday die Jordanian government decided to prevent any incitement and stressed that gatherings or events are not allowed.

In a strong statement today, the Council of Ministers confirmed that die government die Proceedings of illegal gatherings and rallies and all accompanying behavior of aggravation and incitement will not allow and will deal with it resolutely.

He also stressed that the Interior Ministry never die Establish meetings, events or die I will allow the establishment of poetry houses or other platforms and will act with the greatest determination to enforce the law and these dangerous incitement activities and die To prevent movements die penetrate them, die against the law and die Violate the Constitution and die Manipulate security of society, and shout die Citizens not to attend such gatherings.

At its meeting, the Council of Ministers reviewed die illegal rallies in the last few days in directly related to the behavior of supporters of the suspended MP Osama Al-Ajarma.

The Jordanian Government: We will not allow incitement activities

During the clashes in Naour four security guards were injured

Scatter crowds

In addition, the House of Representatives is holding an emergency meeting today to consider and review a parliamentary memorandum related to the implications of the events issued by Al-Ajarma die Determine the impact and impact of the events of yesterday, Saturday.

Fired last night die Gendarmerie tear gas on a group of supporters of the suspended MPs in from the Naour area to prevent gatherings and illegal gatherings after Al-Ajarma called his followers to a gathering.

The media spokesman for the Public Safety Directorate in Jordan also stated that it is a security force in Naour, west of the capital Amman, dealt with riots, burning vehicles and aerial shots by a group of people. And resulted in the injuries of four police officers.

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