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The judge blocks Florida’s social media reads ‘deplatforming’

Donald Trump and social media

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A federal judge on On Wednesday he issued an order preventing entry in force of a Florida law effect that would have allow the state to punish social media companies for ban politicians or political candidates from their platforms. US District Judge Robert Hinkle’s preliminary injunction was issued one day before the law entered in force effect on Thursday.

Hinkle found that the prohibition of the law on “deplatforming” can violate companies’ free speech rights and legislation in integer is “view-point based. “

“Legislation obliges suppliers to host speeches that violate theirs standard – speeches they would not otherwise host – and prohibits vendors from speaking as they would otherwise, “wrote Hinkle. in his judgment.

The legislation aims to “reign” in social-media suppliers deemed too large and too liberal, “he wrote.” Balance the exchange of ideas between private speakers is not a legitimate government interest.

“Set off also are expressly prevented by federal law, “he added.

The bill, signed in law last week from Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, it would punish social media companies like Facebook and Twitter for ban politicians and candidates for lead them found violate them terms of service.

Sites that prohibit or suspend in permanently politicians or candidates for more 14 days could be fined up to $ 250,000 per day under the law.

The bill was proposed after the high-profile ban in precedence year of then President Donald Trump from Twitter and Facebook. Many conservatives argue that companies censor content for ideological reasons – a claim there social media companies have repeatedly denied.

Twitter has permanently banned Trump on January 8 “due to the risk of further incitement of violence “after deadly revolt on Capitol in Washington DC. Facebook blocked Trump “indefinitely” on the same day.

The moves followed by a number of instances in which Twitter had blacked out Trump’s controversial tweets with a warning label that included a link to more information and that allow users to click to read the tweet.

De Santis’ office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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