The kidnapping of a Jordanian citizen in Syria… and Amman follows

Jordanian citizen, Yazan Qutaish, said his father was kidnapped in Syria after he went there with the intention of sightseeing on December 26 last year, and the kidnappers ordered him to pay a ransom of 100,000 Jordanian dinars, equivalent to 140,000 US dollars, in exchange for his release.

Citizen Walid Abdul Karim Qutaish, 67, went in Syria on December 26 before being kidnapped by an unknown group on the 30th of the same month. The kidnappers contacted his family and informed him that he was fine and the reason for the kidnapping was for ransom, according to his Weighs.

Qutaish said the kidnappers demanded a high ransom, which the family cannot afford at the moment, stressing that the health of the father, who suffers from diabetes and hypertension, was reassured through audio recordings sent to them.

Qutaish confirmed that his father has no political movements or activities, either inside or outside Jordan.

An official source in the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs told Al-Arabiya that the ministry is following up the case of Jordanian citizen Qutaish, from the Jordanian city of Salt, with the relevant authorities in Syria, and Sono in ongoing work with the charge d’affaires of the Jordanian embassy in the Syrian capital, Damascus, to learn about the latest developments and with regular Syrian authorities.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also communicating with the Qutaish family to inform them of the latest developments in the case.

No details were provided about the location or destination of the abduction.

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