The Killer: Release Date, Filming Updates, Cast, and Plot Revealed for Netflix’s Upcoming Action Film

The Killer: New Updates, Release Date, Cast, and Plot Details

The Killer: Release Date, Filming Updates, Cast, and Plot Revealed for Netflix's Upcoming Action Film

We are thrilled to share with you the latest updates on the highly anticipated Netflix movie, The Killer. After a prolonged hiatus, fans of action films can rest easy knowing that this project is finally moving forward. The film is written by the talented Andrew Kevin Walker and directed by the renowned David Fincher, who recently impressed audiences with his work on Mank.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Fincher and Walker have collaborated. They previously worked together on the ’90s hit Seven, which was a critical and commercial success. Given their history, we have high expectations for The Killer and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

Based on the French graphic novel of the same name by Alexis Nolent, The Killer promises to be a thrilling and action-packed movie. As part of Fincher’s four-year deal with Netflix, we anticipate that this film will be just the beginning of many exciting projects to come from the acclaimed director. Overall, fans of the genre should mark their calendars for The Killer’s release as it is sure to be a must-watch.

The Killer Filming Updates

It has been confirmed that the highly anticipated film from director David Fincher has successfully concluded the filming process. This exciting update was shared on Instagram by none other than Dwayne Barr, who worked as the dolly grip on the project. Fans of Fincher’s work can now look forward to the upcoming release, knowing that the production process has been completed with great success.

Here is Barr’s caption:

And so it ends….We wrapped David Fincher’s “The Killer” last night. Thank you @emesserschmidt for the wrap gift. Too tired to express everything I desire to share. Kudos to Michael Fassbender and Tilda Swinton.

The Killer Release Date

Please ensure that you have marked your calendar and cleared your schedule for the highly-anticipated release of The Killer, which will be available on Netflix starting Friday, November 10, 2023. For your convenience, this action-packed thriller will be released at precisely 12:00 a.m. PT/3:00 a.m. ET on the aforementioned date. Don’t miss out on this exciting new addition to the Netflix lineup!

The film will also arrive in select theaters in October.

David Fincher’s upcoming film The Killer, starring Michael Fassbender, is in select theaters October and on Netflix November 10.

— Netflix (@netflix) August 28, 2023

The Killer Cast

Here’s the cast list below:

  • Michael Fassbender as The Killer
  • Tilda Swinton as an assassin
  • Charles Parnell as Hodges
  • Sophie Charlotte as Magdala
  • Kerry O’Malley as Dolores
  • Arliss Howard
  • Emiliano Pernía
  • Gabriel Polanco

We’ll provide the names of the additional cast members as they are revealed, so stay tuned.

The Killer Plot

Although Netflix has not yet released an official synopsis of the upcoming film “The Killer,” we do have some insight into its plot based on the source material, which is the accompanying book. To learn more about the story, you can refer to the novel’s logline, which is available on Amazon.:

A man solitary and cold, methodical and unencumbered by scruples or regrets, the killer waits in the shadows, watching for his next target. And yet the longer he waits, the more he thinks he’s losing his mind, if not his cool. A brutal, bloody and stylish noir story of a professional assassin lost in a world without a moral compass, this is a case study of a man alone, armed to the teeth and slowly losing his mind.

Netflix released the official logline for the movie, and we shared it below.

After a fateful near-miss an assassin battles his employers, and himself, on an international manhunt he insists isn’t personal.

Stay tuned to AsumeTech for more information on The Killer.

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