The killing of a Saudi citizen in Beirut and the ambassador’s comments

Lebanese security authorities revealed the circumstances of the killing of a Saudi citizen in the southern suburbs of Beirut, considered a stronghold of Lebanese Hezbollah and its supporters.

The internal security forces issued a statement in which states that the crime took place “at about half past eight in the evening (local time) on 7/9/2022” inarea “Al-Safir” near the Al-Raya stadium. He said: “The murder of the victim (MM, born in 1980, Saudi citizen), was stabbed with a knife.” He stressed that “following follow-up and investigation (…) it was found that my murdered brother committed the crime for family and personal reasons, and then fled to an unknown destination. I am of Saudi nationality: AM (born in 1976) and HM (born in 1990). He added that investigations were stepped up “to determine their whereabouts and on 7/10/2022 (Sunday) information about their presence was available. in one of the apartments in the town of Sfeir. “And he added:” Their location was searched (…) where the instrument of crime was arrested and seized. When questioned, they confessed to killing their brother for family reasons. Those arrested and arrested were referred “to the relevant authority, and” the investigation is in course under the control of the competent judiciary. “For his part, the Saudi ambassador in Lebanon, Walid Bukhari, commented on the murder and the efforts of the security forces to arrest those involved.

Bukhari stated in a post on Twitter, Sunday, “I very much appreciate the efforts of the Lebanese internal security forces (…) to uncover the facts and bring to justice the perpetrators of the murder of the betrayed Saudi citizen, who was killed in the southern suburbs of Beirut.”