The Kim Kardashian family Christmas card, Kanye West 2019 is here in all its splendor for the relaxed holidays

The holiday season has officially arrived and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West celebrate with their annual family Christmas card. For 2019, the whole family wore sweatshirts of neutral colors such as white and gray. Nobody was wearing shoes but everyone had white socks on their feet. The Christmas card looked cozy, comfortable and relaxed, which seems to be a common theme with Kardashian-West House. Plus, Kanye West has designed their home with a minimalist theme and everything is very white with plenty of open space.

Kim Kardashian shared the following legend with the picture of her family.

“West 2019 Family Christmas Card”.

Kim recently shared a video on her Instagram account where she talked about her pregnancy problems and how North West was born prematurely because of eclampsia and her placenta never gave birth. Kim’s placenta became her uterus and she and Kanye West froze embryos after North’s birth. She attempted another natural pregnancy and childbirth with Saint, but also suffered life-threatening complications.

The two youngest children of Kim and Kanye, Chicago and Psalm, were born to surrogate mothers and Kim said she was very grateful for her children, no matter how they arrived.

In the photo below, the family is sitting, sitting on a staircase with Kanye on one of the highest steps, where he is raised above the family. Chicago is sitting on her lap and Kanye is staring at her as Chicago looks straight ahead.

Several stairs below present North West and her mother Kim Kardashian sitting side by side. North smiled softly at the camera with his hands pressed against each other on his lap. Kim looks at the camera with a happy look as she squeezes the baby Psalm on her lap and between her legs – as if the tot is trying to break free and explore her surroundings.

As usual, Saint West, who becomes famous on the Internet for his cheerful personality, smiles to the ears and shows his pearly whites on camera!

You can see the Kardashian-West Christmas card below.

What do you think of the laid-back approach that the West family has chosen for their holiday Christmas card?


Do you like what the family has chosen to wear or would you have preferred something more festive and luxurious for Kim, Kanye and the kids?

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