The King of Man predicts a major betrayal of Guardian

The King shows the establishment of the independent British intelligence service Kingsman after World War I, but not without the founders of underground organizations that have suffered enormous tragedy and epic betrayal. With many geopolitical intrigues between warring Russian, British and German monarchs and a dark solitaire of international historical criminals pulling the strings, it’s hard for Orlando and his heroic companions to decide who you trust. And as the British war struggle faces a traitor between them, this story is like a Watchmen character – like a gaming hall, right down to the same actor with both treacherous roles, Matthew Goode.

In The King’s Man, Goode played Captain Morton alongside British War Minister Herbert Kitchener, who helped Kitchener and Kingsman founder Orlando, Duke of Oxford, prevent the outbreak of World War II. At the beginning of the war, thanks to cable work led by a known sinister figure, the Morton, shepherd, and Kitchener travel to Russia to persuade Tsar Nicholas to continue fighting despite growing internal pressure. However, Morton Kitchener’s ship en route to Russia is torpedoed by a German submarine, leading to the alleged death of all British personnel on board, except for Morton. He reveals himself as a shepherd at the end of The King’s Man and forges his death. Work occupied revenge campaign against the English monarchy.

Goode played Ozymandias in the 2009 film adaptation of Watchmen. While it is certainly not uncommon for an actor to play multiple characters with a pencil for betrayal, there are thematic similarities between Ozymandias and The Treacherous Trajectories with Ozymandias and Morton. Ozymandias and Morton are generally highly regarded in positions of influence, Ozymandias is a retired superhero and successful businessman, and Morton is a senior British army officer. Both characters also commit treacherous assassination attempts, with Morton taking it a step further through the fangs from his death to focus on their respective ugly conspiracies.

Of course, casting similarities and misleading use between Ozymandias and Morton have been eliminated. Ozymandias asserts his right to betray other superheroes to unite humanity in the face of mutually threatening threats and ease the Cold War tensions before the United States and the Soviet Union destroy each other. Global destruction and widespread unrest are significant points in his master plan for the pastor. Furious over the many years of injustice England has committed against his native Scotland, Morton embarks on World War I to destabilize and overthrow the monarchies of England, Germany, and Russia and enjoy his high blood pressure and solitaire.

Suppose anyone knows how to play a cunning villain with two faces. In that case, it’s Matthew Goode, and he certainly brings the monastery-manipulative energy to The King’s Man rather than Watchmen’s more reserved Ozymandias. Fans may have been told that Morton revealed himself as the shepherd from the start through the similarities between him and the Watchmen superstar villain. Still, both characters are prone to delusions and complicated plans; the betrayal is motivated by the ‘obsession to save the world while another is driven by a desire to set it on fire.

To see the film’s similarities to Watchmen, The King’s Man is now in theaters.