The Kingdom hosts the first edition of the Taekwondo World Championship for women in the game’s largest gathering

The Kingdom will host the first edition of the World Taekwondo Championship for Women, in the period from 25 to 27 of this month, on the stadiums of the sports halls of Riyadh, with the participation of over (171) players, coaches and technical administrators from (36) countries.

The tournament will see weight competitions (up to 46 kg, up to 49 kg, up to 53 kg, 57 kg, up to 62 kg, up to 67 kg, up to 73 kg), in addition to the open weight.

Saudi Taekwondo Federation President Shaddad Al-Omari explained the importance of this hosting, as it is held for the first time and hosted by the Kingdom, which is a historic decision by the International Taekwondo Federation to create a special version of the World Championship feminine, where we are all proud to have hosted it from the Kingdom.

Al-Omari confirmed the willingness of the Saudi Taekwondo Federation to host the tournament and said: “We are ready in all the technical and organizational aspects, as well as the availability of the Saudi players, who will participate in this edition with the largest Saudi representation during the World Cup ».

The Saudi team will participate in this tournament with ten players: (Tiba Al-Sharif, Lara Kazem, Rahaf Al-Shamri, Noha Al-Maimani, Eithar Hayyan, Sarah Al-Shaer, Abrar Bukhari, Mays Al-Shamri, Donia Abu Talib, Tartila Al-Taweel, as well as Fatima Ayat Hammou (coach) and Najud Al-Imam (administrative), as well as (Amna Al-Assaf and Raghad Al-Ghamdi, who are physiotherapists).

The confidence of the International Taekwondo Federation in adopting the Kingdom as the host country for the first edition of the game’s largest event is an extension of the great confidence that Saudi sport has gained in recent years by international and continental federations. in various sports, which confirms the great position that the Kingdom has achieved in the world.

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