The King’s Avatar Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything We Known So Far

On the official Social media handles of “The King’s Avatar” (original: “Quanzhi Gaoshou”), it was revealed that the show would be continued with the third season, for which you can see a teaser visual below.

Now that Ye Xiu has earned the start 6, he is eligible to compete in the season 9 qualifiers and begin his journey for the title. The battle god, also known as Quanzhi Gaoshou, will return for a third season, which will cover Team Happy’s competitive journey.

During Season 9, Team Happy qualified for the Glorious Professional League, where they competed until Season 10. However, if they don’t win the trophy in season 3, it’ll be interesting to see what they do in season 3. The King’s Avatar will be broadcast live on Netflix for those who can’t wait for the third season to be released.


  •  Zhang Jie as Xiu Ye
  •  Ji Guanlin as Chen Guo
  • Tong Xinzhu as Su Mucheng
  • Qiao Shiyu as Tang Rou
  • Teng Xin as Bao Rongxing

Will there be The King’s Avatar Season 3?

the kings avatar-season-3

There were more than 1.3 million YouTube views for the first episode of season 2 on September 27, 2020. Aside from the sixth episode, viewership began to fall after the show’s early popularity was confirmed.

During the course of the series, the average number of viewers per episode ranged from 600,000 to 1 million. Some of the most recent episodes have had as few as 300,000 views, and we all know it’s not a lot. Hence, you may have seen the studio working on The King’s Avatar as the number of views drops. The King’s Avatar’s second season doesn’t appear to be as popular as the first, and its future episodes are totally dependent on how many people watch it and how much money it made last season.

The King’s Avatar Season 3 Release Date?

The King’s Avatar Season 3

When the first season came out in China in April and June 2017, it was made by director Xiong Ke at the studio B.CMAY PICTURES. A three-part sequel OVA, made by the studio Colored Pencil Animation, came out in May 2018.

An official release date for The King’s Avatar Season 3 has not yet been announced but season 3 might release at the earliest on fall 2022 or winter 2023.

The second season of Donghua was published via video on demand in China between September and December 2020, and it was again divided into twelve episodes. A prequel film, The King’s Avatar: For the Glory, which takes place before the first season of the show, was released in August of this year.

Tencent Video has made both seasons of “The King’s Avatar” available on YouTube in the original Chinese audio with English subtitles. The series is based on author Hu Dielan’s web novella of the same name, which was also published in print between April 2012 and May 2017.

The King’s Avatar Season 3 Official Poster

The King's Avatar Season 3 Official Poster

On the official account of The King’s Avatar (original: Quanzhi Gaoshou) it was announced that the series 3rd Season will be coming.

The King Avatar Season 3 Plot

The King Avatar s3

When Ye Xiu’s Team Happy finally made it into Glory Professional Alliance in Season 10, they knew they face the biggest battle of their lives.

It is expected that Team Happy’s competitive journey would continue in the fictional Esports arena for season 3.

We will have to wait until season 3 to find out if they will win the championship trophy or not.

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