The Korea-Rated Street Fighter 6 Could Launch in Early 2023

It has been more than six years since fighting fans received an all-new Street Fighter title, but that could be about to change. Recently, it was discovered that the highly anticipated Street Fighter 6 was rated in Korea by the Game Ratings Management Committee, indicating that it could be mere months from launching.

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Street Fighter is always expected to be a crowd-pleaser as one of the driving titles in the fighting game genre and arguably the leading esports game in that arena. Fans eagerly await any news on the potential launch date for Street Fighter 6 – could that come any day now?

Could Street Fighter 6’s Korean Rating Be an Omen?

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On October 26th, Capcom published a financial report that indicated Capcom planned no main releases before the Resident Evil 4 remake drops in March 2023. If we work according to the data detailed in that report, it could be April at the earliest that we see Street Fighter 6 appear.

However, the rating issued by Korea’s Game Ratings Management Committee could be a good omen, indicating that the wheels are turning and that Street Fighter 6 could launch earlier than we first thought. This is admittedly conjecture, but ratings are typically assigned closer to a game’s launch.

That’s not a set-in-stone ruling, though. For instance, Ubisoft’s pirate epic, Skull and Bones, picked up an ESRB rating in May 2022. Due to lengthy delays, that game is releasing in March 2023. Conversely, Bayonetta 3 secured its ESRB rating in July 2022, and three months later, it was released globally.

What’s New in Street Fighter 6?

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Recently, Capcom took to the airwaves to debut the all-new ‘World Tour’ mode coming to Street Fighter 6. In this mode, players customize their main character and enter an open-world environment, allowing them to explore their own free will, meeting classic Street Fighter characters.

The ‘Extreme Battle’ mode also allows players to create zany, fantastical arenas with bizarre rules and modifiers. In Extreme Battle, the player’s imagination is the only boundary to creativity.

Stay tuned, as it may be a very short time before Capcom officially announces when Street Fighter 6 will launch.