The Kremlin: Are for Putin die red lines very clearly

More than 24 hours after US President Joe Biden confirmed at the Atlantic Summit that he would be at an upcoming meeting today in Geneva die Moscow replied, stressing that it was going to put red lines for its Russian counterpart in this matter is very clear.

The press secretary of the Russian President, Dmitri Peskov, said today, Wednesday, that Putin is always clear die “red lines” for Russia, in particular in such a difficult conversation with the American President.

You can speak face to face

In an interview with Channel One, he also added that the Russian and American presidents can converse in person if they want, since no one can die Limited time for negotiations. He said, “Heads of State are Heads of State. If they are also consider it necessary to speak face to face, they will do so, and no one will give them die Tell time! “

Regarding the schedule of the upcoming presidential summit, amid tensions between the two sides, he stated that “die The agenda is so diverse that it is difficult to set it within 4-5 hours of negotiation “.

The Kremlin: Are for Putin die red lines very clearly

Biden and Putin (AFP)

On the other hand, Peskov called for arms control negotiations to begin quickly. “The contract has been extended,” he said [START-3]The Biden government has made a positive political decision, however die Time is running out quickly and we urgently need to start negotiations.

In conclusion, he stressed that arms control is a very sensitive and complex issue.

It is noteworthy that this Russian-American summit amid palpable tensions in Relations between the two parties is taking place due to many dossiers, including the specter of Russian interference in die US elections as well as cyber attacks on human rights and opponents, Ukraine and the Sino-Russian rapprochement.

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