The Kremlin: Attitudes between Russia and the West are completely divergent

Despite this week’s talks on the Ukrainian crisis, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in an interview broadcast on CNN on Sunday that the positions of Western countries and Russia remain “completely different” on the issue of security in Eastern Europe.

“There are some understandings between us. But in general, in in principle, we can now say that our positions are different, completely different. This is not good. This is worrying, “Peskov told the US channel.

In response to a question about a possible Russian attack if diplomatic efforts fail, he added: “No one threatens anyone to take military action, that would be madness. But we will be ready to respond”, if NATO does not meet Russian demands. without specifying what this answer would be.

He added: “Let’s not talk about tomorrow, it’s not a matter of hours” but “we don’t want negotiations that last a month, or a year, just to discuss our differences. We want to feel the beginning of an intention to take into account of our concerns. At this point, unfortunately, we have not managed to get to this point “. The result”.

“It would be a big mistake.”

Peskov also rejected the US threat to impose unprecedented sanctions on Russia in case of invasion of Ukraine and said: “This would be a serious mistake”, because “it would lead to the termination of any relationship between our two countries.”

Comments from the Kremlin spokesperson arrive in a context of growing tensions between Russia and Ukraine, as Kiev and its Western allies accuse Moscow of mobilizing forces on its borders with the aim of invading its territory.

The Ukrainian east has seen since 2014 a war between Kiev forces and pro-Russian separatists, which the Kremlin is accused of sponsoring and supporting militarily and financially. The conflict erupted after Russia annexed Crimea in the same year.

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