The Kremlin: Patriot missiles for Ukraine will be a legitimate target

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced yesterday that the Kremlin is in waiting for official statements on the fulfillment of Kiev’s request to supply the Ukrainian army with a battery of Patriot missiles, adding: “These are all reports of the media about possible deliveries… the reports of the media they are not reliable, so we will wait for some official information.” However, he stressed that the American “Patriot” would be a legitimate target for Russian attacks if it were handed over to Kiev.

And i media reported Tuesday that the United States, after long hesitations, was ready to comply with Kiev’s request to supply the Ukrainian military with a battery of Patriot missiles, while it is not yet clear how many missiles Washington will send to Kiev, nor the the exact place in which they will be deployed and the Ukrainian military training to use it.

CNN reported on Tuesday, citing unnamed US officials, that final approval for the US grant of a Patriot missile battery could be announced as early as this week, after US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin approved it. and sent to the White House for approval. the last green light.

Patriot missiles, which have demonstrated their capabilities on a large scale in recent years in Iraq and the Gulf, are among the qualitative weapons in capable of greatly reducing the effectiveness of Russian attacks on Ukraine.

However, several points remain unclear about how Washington will deliver these missiles to Kiev: for example, it remains unknown how many missiles Washington will send to Kiev, nor where they will be deployed in Ukraine and where the ukrainian army will be trained use them.

In recent weeks, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called on Western capitals to equip his country with modern air defense systems to counter intensified Russian attacks, which have increased since last October bombing Ukraine’s energy grid infrastructure.

For his part, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said: Russian President Vladimir Putin has missed all his goals in the war in Ukraine, and Schulz said in a government statement it made yesterday in Parliament: None of Putin’s plans succeeded.. He fundamentally miscalculated.

He added: Putin believed his forces would overrun Ukraine within days, adding: The Russian president assumed that Europe and the democratic West were divided on a level tale so as not to allow them to effectively help Ukraine.

Scholz added: Putin was deceived about the courage of the Ukrainians, about Europe, about the character of our democracies, about our willingness to resist superpower obsession and imperialism… This is the true story of questIn the year 2022, Ukraine is resisting Russian aggression, but West has also accepted the challenge.