The Kremlin refuses to comment on whether Putin apologized to Israel

The Kremlin refused to say on Friday whether President Vladimir Putin apologized to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett after the Russian foreign minister claimed Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was of Jewish descent.

Israel criticized Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for the comments, calling them “unforgivable” lies that belittle the horrors of the Holocaust.

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And on Thursday, the Israeli Prime Minister announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a phone call with the Prime Minister of the Jewish State, Naftali Bennett, apologized for the statement by his Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, in which claimed that Adolf Hitler had “Jewish blood”.

The prime minister said in a statement: “The prime minister accepted President Putin’s apology for Lavrov’s statement and thanked him for having clarified his position on the Jewish people and the memory of the Holocaust.”

Previously, the Kremlin announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett discussed the Nazi Holocaust in a telephone conversation, amid a discussion between the two countries over Russian statements about Adolf Hitler and the allegations of the Russia to Israel supporting the “neo-Nazis” in Ukraine.

The Kremlin said during the phone call the two leaders in in particular they stressed the importance of May 9, day in which Moscow commemorates the anniversary of its victory over Nazism, and which questThe year will allow us to “honor the memory of all” the victims of the Second World War “including the victims of the Holocaust”.

And on Monday, the Israeli Foreign Ministry announced the recall of the Russian ambassador after Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov indicated that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was of Jewish descent.

Earlier, Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said Israel was waiting for an apology from the Russian ambassador, following comments from Foreign Minister Lavrov, in which he compared the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to the Nazi leader Hitler, because he has Jewish origins.

And the site web Israeli Ynet quoted Lapid as saying Lavrov’s statements were “unforgivable and a historical mistake”.

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