The Kremlin rejects calls by Navalny’s supporters to demonstrate, describing them as provocative

The Kremlin announced that it has no information on the health status of the detained Russian dissident Alexei Navalny while die Russian police have warned against organizing demonstrations in support of Navalny, as are Interior Ministry units and other security forces in Russia will not allow die Destabilize situation and will take all necessary measures to maintain security and order. “

And die French press agency reported that the Russian Kremlin die Rejected warnings from western countries regarding Navalny’s health.

This happened when die Russian prison authorities decided on Monday to die Russian opposition person Alexei Navalny, die since fast has been on hunger strike for three weeks and is hospitalized because his health is “satisfactory”.

“A medical committee decided to Navalny in move a hospital unit for convicts, die on the premises of detention center No. 3 in the Vladimir region is located, “said die Prison administration in issued a statement, adding that he had agreed to take vitamins.

“Relations with Russia are not improving. On the contrary, die Tensions in escalate in various areas, “said European Union Foreign Minister Josep Borrell, via video link ahead of a meeting of Foreign Ministers of the 27 countries today, referring to the exchange of diplomats in Moscow and Prague and die “Very worrying” health situation of Navalny, who was sick and in his prison was on hunger strike.

He pointed out that the meeting was about to begin with a discussion die Deportation of diplomats between Moscow and Prague is to begin.

Ministers will then speak about Navalny’s “very worrying” state of health. Borrell warned: “Europeans have die Russian authorities asked for medical attention. Our request was not taken into account. Now that is die Situation worsens, we will die Russian authorities for die Blame Navalny Health. “

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