The Kremlin: Washington is waging a proxy war against us in Ukraine

Coinciding with the Ukrainian president’s visit to the United States, the Kremlin confirmed on Thursday that Washington is waging a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to the US showed “no intention to listen to Russian concerns,” noting that Moscow did not listen to the words of US President Joe Biden and his Ukrainian counterpart Zelensky on pace.

No appeal to pace

He also added to reporters today: “Of course, we followed Zelensky’s visit to the United States. We can sadly announce that neither President Biden nor President Zelensky uttered at least some words that could be considered, for example, as a possible willingness to listen to Russia’s concerns”.

According to Peskov, not a single word was heard from him in Zelenskyj guard over the constant barbaric shelling of residential buildings in the cities of Donbass, and no appeals were made to the pace.

Interestingly, the Ukrainian president arrived on Wednesday at Andrews Air Base aboard a US military plane, in his first foreign visit since the start of the Russian military operation in his country on February 24.

Biden received the Ukrainian president at the White House, and assured him of the strength and solidity of the Western alliance in the face of the Russian operation, announcing new US aid of 1.85 billion dollars.

He said: “You will never be alone,” indicating he is confident the Western alliance will remain united behind Ukraine, adding that his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, has no plans to stop what he described as a brutal war against Ukraine, describing what Putin is doing as “horrific”, as he targets orphanages and schools are there.

For his part, Zelensky stressed that a pace fairness does not imply “no compromise” on Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

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