The Kremlin: We have made great progress in the process of disarming Ukraine

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed that the Russian military has made progress on the issue of disarming Ukraine.

Peskov added, in answering a question about achieving one of the goals of the Russian military operation, that it can be said that there has been significant progress on the road to disarming Ukraine.

The Kremlin spokesman also clarified that the reduction of Ukraine’s military potential can be considered to have been achieved, according to the “Novosti” agency.

“Kiev’s shares are over”

He noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin had said the day before that the Kiev regime’s stockpiles of weapons were almost exhausted.

The Russian president had confirmed that Ukraine would soon run out of weapons and ammunition, and therefore Kiev would be entirely dependent on Western aid.

Putin also said that the Russian military destroyed a lot of Soviet-made equipment belonging to the Ukrainian forces, noting that at the same time, stockpiles of Soviet-made weapons in European countries (the former Warsaw Pact countries), which they are in phase of transfer to Kiev, are also close to exhaustion.

He added that US delivery of Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine would prolong the crisis.

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