The Kremlin: We will reach out to those who executed our soldiers and put them on trial

After horrific scenes were released showing the execution of Russian soldiers who announced their surrender by Ukrainian forces in the village of Makeyevka, Lugansk region, in mid-November, Moscow confirmed it would not be complacent sooner to reach the culprits.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday his country would reach out to those responsible for executing Russian soldiers in Ukraine and bring them to justice.

He also stressed that this execution was a war crime, according to Reuters.

Kiev denies

Russia announced last week that Ukrainian soldiers have executed more than 10 Russian POWs, accusing the West of ignoring this crime.

Kiev in it later responded to this allegation, indicating it would investigate these “alleged violations.”

As for the head of human rights in the Ukrainian parliament, yesterday, Sunday, he denied these allegations, explaining that “the incident that was filmed shows Ukrainian soldiers defending themselves against Russians who pretended to surrender,” as he said.

“Pretend to Give Up”

Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets said “excerpts from the video” which Moscow has called evidence of the soldiers’ execution showed in reality that the Russians “resorted to a feigned surrender … and committed a war crime by opening fire on Ukrainian forces”.

He also claimed in a comment on Telegram that dead Russian soldiers “cannot therefore be considered prisoners of war”. “Those who want to use the protection of international law to kill should be punished,” she added.

Interestingly, the first footage, filmed from a cell phone, showed a group of men in military uniform who came out of a house with their hands raised and then lay on their stomachs on the ground in below in an abandoned garden, as Ukrainian soldiers aimed their weapons in their direction before a shot was heard.

The second clip, likely filmed from a drone, showed about 12 bodies covered in blood.

While the Russian Defense Ministry considered these scenes “prove of the massacre” committed by the “Ukrainians against the prisoners”, while the Russian Foreign Ministry has called on “international organizations to condemn this horrible crime” and to open an investigation.

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