The land of Saudi Arabia stores quantities of an important mineral for the production of auto electric

Saudi Arabia is in awaiting the results of a geophysical survey to detect mineral deposits and extract quantities of lithium metal, which is used in the production of batteries for auto electric and more.

The Saudi Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources said in statements to the newspaper Al-Eqtisadiah that “there are several sites where the studies are addressed, where quantities of metal lithium are available, but they need larger studies to determine more accurate numbers”.

He added: “Therefore, from the General Program for Geological Survey initiative and related exploration initiatives within the National Industrial Development and Logistics Services Program, one of its extracts is expected to be quantities of this mineral.”

The ministry launched the first geophysical survey aircraft in the Arab Shield region last August, to obtain several high-resolution geological data, as well as detect mineral deposits in the region, announcing the start of geophysical surveying work at the moment.

The investigation aims to obtain various high-resolution geological data for the Arab Shield, as well as to detect mineral deposits in the region. The National Center for Industrial Development, in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, is developing and evaluating various industrial projects distributed in the industrial sectors concerned, with an investment value exceeding 40 billion riyals.

The center believes that the automotive industry and its parts are among the promising industries that receive leadership attention and are also considered to be one of the pivotal industries that play an important role in supporting nearby industries such as the chemical and metallurgical industries, emphasizing that due to the rapid changes and technological transformation that the automotive industry is going through in the world, the center is working in working with the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources to take advantage of this transformation and map out a strategic direction that will help locate car parts and parts in the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia has a competitive advantage and seeks to exploit vast mineral wealth, with access to an esteemed mineral deposit in $ 1.3 trillion, which includes more than 15 commercially investable minerals.

Many important minerals are available in Saudi Arabia, such as phosphates, gold, copper, zinc, iron ore, uranium, niobium, silver, feldspar, bauxite, silica, limestone and others.

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