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The largest banks in the world receive 2022 by continuing to work remotely


Two of the largest US banks are returning to remote work to kick off 2022, as the new Corona virus mutant “Omicron” tampered with plans to return to the offices of Citigroup and JP Morgan.

Due to the frightening increase in the number of infections with the new mutation, both major banks have told American employees that they can start 2022 by working remotely.

In a note received from employees, Citigroup asked its employees to work from home during prime New Year’s Weeks, if they are in able to do so. The bank indicated that the number of coronavirus infection cases has increased in the country Across the United States due to the ‘Omicron’ variable.

“We will continue to monitor the data and will provide an update this January on when we expect to return in office alike in where we were, “he added.

Meanwhile, a slew of other large companies recently turned their backs on office floors, including Apple, Lyft, Forge, Jefferies, and CNN.

According to CNN, Citigroup has taken a more relaxed approach than some of its U.S. competitors in reporting employees in office. Before the recent Omicron crisis, many employees worked on a flexible model that required them to be in office at least twice a week.

Although JPMorgan still wants employees to be back by February 1, he revealed in a recent note that will allow their employees to work from home during prime two weeks of 2022. This will be at the discretion of manager and only applies to those whose role allows remote work.

“In the United States, we are seeing a rapid increase in cases of the new coronavirus and the new mutated Omicron and, with the increase in travel and vacation meetings, we are allowing for more flexibility during prime two weeks in January, “he added.

He stressed that “it will not change our long-term plans to work in office and that employees will be back soon. “” We expect everyone to return to their schedule no later than February 1, “he added.

JPMorgan encouraged all employees, including those vaccinated, to undergo test before returning in office after travel or vacation. Unvaccinated employees are required to undergo test quick at least twice a week before entering the workplace.

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