The largest Delta outbreak in northeastern China … and the closure of a university campus

China is facing the largest Covid-19 disease outbreak on its soil due to The spread of the highly contagious Delta strain, which prompted some regions to restrict entry to those from a northeastern city where the rate of infection has risen faster than in anywhere else in the country last week.

Reuters statistics based on official data showed that China recorded a total of 1,308 confirmed infections transmitted locally on the mainland between October 17 and November 14, a number that exceeds the number of injuries caused by the Delta strain outbreak. in summer, which reached 1,280.

This is the most widespread outbreak of the delta strain in China, affecting 21 provinces, regions and municipalities. Although it is still smaller in size than many outbreaks in other countries, the Chinese authorities are working to prevent transmission according to the tolerance policy zero of the government.

Twelve provincial regions contained their outbreaks in a few weeks, thanks to the rapid implementation of a full set of restrictions, including the tracking of close contacts, the closure of recreational and cultural venues, and restrictions on tourism and public transport.

The largest Delta outbreak in northeastern China … and the closure of a university campus
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However, Wu Liangyu, a National Health Commission official, said Saturday in a press conference that the northeastern city of Dalian was battling the virus.

Since the first symptom was announced in Dalian on November 4, the city of 7.5 million people has recorded around 24 locally transmitted infections per day. in media, more than any other Chinese city, according to “Reuters” calculations.

Campus closures

As of November 14, Mainland China had recorded 98,315 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with symptoms, including both domestic and overseas cases. The number of deaths remained constant at 4,636.

China has booked nearly 1,500 college students into their dorms and hotels after the Corona virus outbreak in the northwestern city of Dalian.

Authorities issued the order on Sunday after dozens of cases were reported in the city of Jiwanhe University and hundreds of students were transferred. in hotel for monitoring. Students study remotely and carry out daily meals in their rooms.

The closure is the latest example of China’s strict approach to the epidemic, which has caused great disruption to the lives and livelihoods of residents.

Starting next Wednesday, the authorities of the capital of Beijing will request all those arriving from other parts of the country in plane, train or auto to show a test negative conducted in the last 48 hours.

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