The largest iPhone factories are a ‘area “high risk” … until further notice

The world’s largest iPhone factory will remain subject to Covid restrictions, even as Chinese authorities lifted the closure inarea in where the factory is located, stating that some parts of the region are still considered high risk.

The government said today, Wednesday, that the city of Zhengzhou has completed an order to close the whole area surrounding the airport. However, many parts within thatarea they will still be classified as “high risk,” which means that under the city’s Covid rules, they will continue to be subject to lockdown-like restrictions. This includes restrictions on people leaving their homes.

The list of high-risk areas includes the Foxconn plant, known as “iPhone City” or “iPhone City”. This means that the flow of goods and people to and from Apple’s main manufacturing base remains limited, which could exacerbate the blow to iPhone shipments throughout the year.

The restrictions in cities have already prompted Apple to warn that it will ship fewer premium devices than expected.

It is unclear whether these restrictions will be lifted or not. For now, the plant will continue to operate in a so-called “closed loop,” or autonomous bubble, to continue production, said a spokesperson for Foxconn, Apple’s main contract manufacturer in China.

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