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The largest iPhone factory in China is in boiling, a total shutdown was imposed in Zhengzhou

After violent protests and leaked video clips documenting the state of panic and terror pervading the largest iPhone factory in central China’s Zhengzhou city, local authorities have imposed a general shutdown in many districts of the city to fight the Covid-19.

Authorities also confirmed that downtown residents are no longer allowed to leave thearea without submitting a negative result for the test Corona and obtain official permission from local authorities to do so, and have advised residents not to leave their homes “except when necessary.”

More than 6 million

Furthermore, he explained that these restrictions will apply from midnight Thursday to Friday for five days to more than 6 million people, or almost half of the city’s population.

This decision, issued last night, Wednesday, obliges all residents to reside in eight areas of the city to undergo a daily test “Pcr” and for all five days of general closure.

Hundreds of workers demonstrated

The move came after hundreds of workers demonstrated at the city’s largest US iPhone factory, owned by Taiwanese firm Foxconn, rejecting the country’s tough restrictions to stop the epidemic from spreading again.

While the video clips, released in the past few hours on social media Chinese and said to have been filmed in the factory, showed thousands of people wearing masks and confronted with policemen wearing white isolation suits with riot shields in plastic.

As other scenes showed, dozens of employees were beaten.

As the #Foxconn_Unrest hashtag spread, Chinese authorities in later they blocked him!

An unprecedented number

And the National Health Office announced today, Thursday morning, that the daily toll of new infections in Corona has reached an unprecedented number since the virus began to spread about three years ago, despite strict measures imposed by the authorities, including thorough examinations and restrictions on movement.

Interestingly, China, with a population of more than 1.2 billion people, is the only major economic power in the world that is still trying to stop the spread of the virus in the country by shutting down entire cities and placing those who have been in contact with patients in strict quarantine.

As the world’s second largest economic power adheres to the implementation of the policy zero Covid by imposing lockdown measures, large-scale testing and strict quarantine to control the spread of the epidemic, a policy that has been successful in prime stages of the spread of the virus.

But the recent surge in infections is evidence of the resilience of this policy, in one moment in which officials are trying to avoid a lockdown in whole city, as happened in Shanghai for two months in April!

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