The largest low-cost airline cost cancel 1,000 flights .. in one day!

The long weekend in the US has gotten even longer for Southwest customers, after the airline canceled more than 1,000 flights on Sunday, nearly 27% of its daily operations, marking the second day of mass cancellations by the airline. largest low airline cost. world.

The company blamed the cancellation on air traffic control problems and limited staff in Florida, as well as bad weather, according to CNN.

For its part, the Federal Aviation Administration stated, in a note, that there have been no cancellations related to air traffic since Friday.

“Flight delays and cancellations occurred for a few hours on Friday afternoon, due to widespread bad weather, military exercises and limited personnel. in aarea of the Jacksonville Air Route Air Traffic Control Center, ”the FAA added.

However, other airlines don’t appear to have been hit hard by these problems, with American Airlines canceling 2% of its flights on Sunday and budget airline Spirit Airlines canceling 2%, according to FlightAware.

Strong travel demand comes against the backdrop of the weekend extension to Monday due to federal holidays.

Southwest also canceled 808 flights on Saturday, blocking thousands of passengers in all over the country.

Last week, the airline announced it would impose the vaccine on employees, fueling speculation that the weekend delay may have been due to the pilots’ strike.

Southwest Airlines president and chief executive officer Gary Kelly said in a statement: “Southwest must join its industry peers in complying with federal guidelines on vaccination against COVID-19.”

For its part, the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association (SWAPA) said the cancellation was due to “bad planning”.

“SWAPA is aware of the operational difficulties facing Southwest Airlines today due to a number of problems, but we can confidently say that our pilots are not involved. in no formal or informal operational procedure, “said the association.

This is because the airline recorded the worst punctuality performance and the largest percentage of canceled flights of any of the country’s big four airlines during June and July, according to the Cirium flight tracking service.

Nor were the passengers the only disgruntled Southwest, where unions of pilots, flight attendants and mechanics have complained about the airline’s operations.

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