The largest plane in the world flying in the sky of America … faster than sound

The sky of the US state of California witnessed the successful flight of the world’s largest aircraft, which may well be the world’s fastest commercial aviation when it enters in service in the coming years, which means that it will fundamentally change the entire world of transport.

The American company Stratolaunch has successfully conducted a test on its largest aircraft, reminiscent of the letter (H), which successfully flew in the sky over California at supersonic speed.

A report published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail” claims that “Stratolaunch” managed to launch a prototype of its hypersonic vehicle for the first time.

The aircraft, called the Roc, has been described as the largest aircraft in the world due to its 383-foot wingspan.

Securely attached to a turret in the center of its wings, the aircraft is a 28-foot (8.5m) reusable test aircraft that can carry payloads at five times the speed of sound.

The test flight of the plane lasted five hours and 6 minutes and reached a maximum altitude of 23,000 feet (7,000 meters), during which time it proved to be in capable of lifting another Talon-A aircraft designed to take off from the air.

This test flight is the eighth, but it is the first with a payload connected between the two fuselages.

“We have conducted a series of test to the ground in anticipation of this first portable flight and, with each test successfully achieved, we are building confidence that the device will perform exactly as it was designed, ”said Zachary Crevor, CEO of Stratolaunch.

“It is exciting to see the hard work of the team come to life and see vehicles fly as an integrated system, “he added.

This flight was made in so that engineers could measure the aerodynamic loads felt by the Talon-A while it was attached to the Roc’s parent aircraft, which would reveal whether the release mechanism would work as intended.

The Talon-A vehicle is one of a series of missile-propelled Talon vehicles developed by the American company “Stratolaunch”, which can reach speeds of Mach 6, six times the speed of sound.

Roc will now conduct a prototype of test of fall on the Pacific Ocean next December and, in case of success, the company aims to launch its first hypersonic test vehicle in 2023.

Stratolaunch is also moving forward with its first and second fully reusable hypersonic vehicle as it prepares to offer hypersonic services to government and commercial customers starting next year.

“The operations of test and production are accelerating as we move forward to fulfill our commitment to service test of hypersonic flight to our customers in the coming year, “added Crevor.

“Our team will continue to complete stages of test more complex as we move towards our first hypersonic flight. “

The Roc is wider than the length of a football field from door to door, which is generally around 345 feet, while the plane weighs nearly 500,000 pounds (230,000 kilograms) with no load, but can take off with a maximum weight 1.3 million pounds (approx.590,000 kg).

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