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The Last Mercenary Trailer Is Out, Starring Jean Claude Van


Netflix drops the first official trailer for action film The Last Mercenary, starring Jean Claude Van Damme. Helmed by David Charhon, this new JCVD action comedy revolves around a mysterious former secret service agent trying to save his estranged son. The film also stars Alban Ivanov, Assa Sylla, Samir Decazza, Patrick Timsit, Eric Judor, and Miou-Miou. Richard Brumère (Van Damme), aka “La Brume” (or “The Mist”), a former French secret service special agent turned mercenary, is back in the saddle as the immunity he was granted 25 years earlier for his son Archibald is lifted. A mob operation threatens Archibald’s life.

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To save him, Richard will have to reach out to his old contacts, join forces with a bunch of reckless youngsters from the projects, and an offbeat bureaucrat – but mostly find the courage to let Archibald know he’s his father. The screenplay is written by David Charhon and Ismaël Sy Savané. It’s produced by Jean-Charles Levy, Nicolas Manuel, Olivier Albou, Laurence Schonberg, David Charhon, Jakéma Charhon, Eponine Maillet, Olias Barco, Vlad Riashyn. The film releases on 30th July 2021.

https://www.youtube.com / watch? v = G4_ULVw5L04

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