The launch of flying electric vehicles in this date .. 250 companies in competition for it

The dream of flying auto electric is nearing completion, to move from science fiction films to reality, as it is part of the expected revolution in aviation in the coming period, but it will not be in the form presented by the film.

The industry leaders call it “Advanced Air Mobility” and they are many: around 250 companies in all over the world are building electric air vehicles and these companies are working on how to create the infrastructure to make this technology available in Worldwide.

The main problem was the battery of those flying vehicles, and finally, a high-capacity, reasonably priced battery quality was achieved that would have allowed the companies to start their work on the market, according to McKinsey’s experts.

But they are replacing auto and public transport? McKenzie does not see that this scenario will materialize, as he believes buses and trains will continue to travel, as they carry a lot of people, but in some types of travel, flying vehicles can provide a convenient means of transportation and will reduce emissions.

He believes that mobility with flying vehicles will fall within the scope of the city and will not exceed its limits in the first years of activity. In 10 years there will be hundreds of flying vehicles in major cities.

The flying vehicle will, of course, be smaller than current private planes and provide seating ranging from one to seven passengers, according to the manufacturer, and internally these vehicles will be similar to automobiles.

Most companies that produce flying vehicles intend to assign a driver to each vehicle in the first few years of operation.

McKinsey believes that the biggest obstacle to the deployment of these vehicles will be infrastructure, so in the early periods of operation the infrastructure available for helicopters and airport infrastructure will be used, and therefore the first available flights for these vehicles are expected to be from centers. cities to their airports.

Expectations indicate that the flying vehicle market will reach $ 500 billion, but without specifying a timeline for this matter.

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