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The law of the market for United wins in disarmament with Ronaldo!

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: There has been news about media international, on the difficulty of the myth Cristiano Ronaldo, from his clubManchester United, until the expiration of his contract extended to the last official match of this season, contrary to what has been raised in recent weeks and days, on the reception of the Board of Directors and managers, with the idea of ​​separating from the 37-year-old , after his return from Qatar 2022 World Cup. Some press sources had suggested the scenario of the departure of the Madeira missile from the owners of the “Theater of Dreams” in the upcoming winter market, and some trusted people have even indicated that an agent has obtained his feats, Jorge Mendes, received the via free from officials to sit at the negotiating table, with the club who wish to free him from the stronghold of the Red Devils as soon as the winter window opens. In the latest update of this novel, the site web global (Goal) quoted an American source who claimed that Dutch coach Eric Ten Hag and everyone behind him in the club they are very confident that the Portuguese Mega Star will not leave the entity next January “under any circumstances”. , which means that it will eventually raise the white flag before the law of the market, which is governed by supply and demand. The source attributed the reason for Ronaldo’s non-departure from Manchester United last summer, because his agent found no real offers, other than the new manager’s adherence to the Don’s survival, to benefit from his experience and personality in the new project. . and this in response to the request of the historic scorer of Real Madrid and the Portuguese national team, to leave the Club. After its disappointing first season on a collective level, the team finished in sixth place in Premier League ranking, qualifying for the Europa League. It should be noted that Cristiano returned to his old home in the northern capital of England in the summer of 2021, after the end of his transfer to Juventus, while it was one of the surprises of the market at the time, after leaving Manchester. City in the final moments, and despite being in his first season in his second term, he was good at the level of individual numbers, scoring a total of 24 goals plus 3 assists, but he suffered. in unprecedented in his professional career since the beginning of the season in course, appearing once in the titular formation in Premier League, and the most unfortunate, who scored only once It was a penalty against the sheriff in Europa League.


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