The lawyers’ unions are calling on Erdogan to withdraw from the Istanbul Agreement

The heads of the bar associations in Turkey urged Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to revoke his decision to withdraw from the Istanbul Agreement, the die The aim of reducing violence against women is to reverse it.

The heads of 78 bar associations in Turkey confirmed in a joint declaration on the tenth anniversary of the signing of the Istanbul Agreement by die Turkey that Erdogan’s decision to withdraw from the “Istanbul Agreement” by a republican decision is against the law, die Constitution and the international violate treaties.

The statement states that die Convention regards violence against women and social inequality as a violation of human rights and that die The state’s duty to its citizens is to die Protect the rights and lives of individuals, eliminate inequality and discrimination, and create a non-violent environment and the right to life.

The statement added: “It is not possible for Turkey to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention in a way to accept die breaking the law at a time in the die The demands of the unions have increased to implement the entire agreement with all its provisions. “

Demanded in the statement die Union leader die Authorities on it to be their turn die To withdraw the decision to withdraw, and die Declaration confirmed that the Istanbul Agreement in Force is, and die Unions will continue their litigation by not giving up.

On March 20, President Erdogan enacted die Decision to withdraw from Istanbul Society Equality Agreement, which met widespread opposition from Turkish streets.

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