The leaks reveal new information on upcoming iPhone releases

A screenshot confirmed that the 2021 flagship iPhone will be called the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which means the entire new series will use the iPhone 13 name.

The new series of iPhone phones are expected to be revealed for the first time next week, which means leaks and tips will spread strongly over the next few days. phonearena also expects the new iPhone 13 Pro models to have a refresh rate of 120Hz, which will vary in based on the content displayed on the screen.

The site web specialized in smartphone sees the need to increase battery capacity in all new series of phones, and there have been rumors of improvements in cameras for the entire new iPhone 13 series.

The site also revealed that iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini will see cameras installed on them in diagonal instead of in vertical. Pricing and screen size is expected to be the same for the iPhone 13 series compared to the current generation of devices.

IOS 2021 phones are said to be a bit thicker than last year’s phones, with the volume and power buttons down a quarter-inch and the camera module will be larger on the back of the phone.

TF International analyst Ming Chu Kuo said last week in a note that the iPhone 13 could be launched with a dedicated Qualcomm chip that supports satellite communications.

For its part, phonearena does not expect Apple to overtake carriers with the delivery of satellite data in this moment for three good reasons.

Apple still hopes that in future may be in able to allow Internet broadcasts to iPhone users from company-owned satellites. But for now, it looks like satellite communications will only be available in case of emergency.

The leaks reveal new information on upcoming iPhone releases

MagSafe charger screen

Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Mark Gorman argues that tale configuration would be too expensive and, in second, that the technology that Apple would use in tale enterprise was not ready.

But perhaps the third reason that scares Apple the most is that bypassing the telecom companies won’t be a good thing, as Apple needs the telecom companies to pay for the sales of its devices .. it can’t bite the hand that feeds you. !

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