The legend Pele “better every day” after a new illness – (photo)

Sao Paulo: Brazilian football legend Pele assured his fans that he was “better every day” after the 80-year-old fell ill with a new Friday of health, which brought him back for a short time in intensive care due to his suffering from breathing difficulties. “As you can see, I’m punching the air to celebrate every better day,” Pele wrote on Instagram on Sunday, along with a photo of him sitting in a hospital chair, observing two medical staff. And Einstein Hospital in São Paulo, where he was operated on earlier this month, announced in a statement Friday that he was “transferred for precautionary purposes to the intensive care unit and, after his condition stabilized, the patient was placed in therapy semi-intensive “..” He added: “Currently it is in stable conditions in terms of heart, blood vessels and respiration. “On September 4, Pele was operated on in the same hospital to remove a colon cancer, discovered during routine examinations. in intensive care until September 14, before being transferred in a normal room. After the statement released by the hospital, Pele reassured his fans in a message about social in to whom he said: “My friends, I am still recovering well. Today I have received visits from my family and I still smile every day.” In Sunday’s message to his fans, the three-time world champion added: “Good humor is the best medicine and I have some in abundance … I have received so much affection that my heart is filled with gratitude. Thanks to all the wonderful staff at Albert Einstein hospital! ” And Pele’s daughter Kelly Nascimento posted a photo of her next to her dad on Friday in hospital as part of her effort to reassure lovers. Next to the photo, Nascimento wrote on Instagram: “This is the normal recovery scenario for a man of his age. After an operation like this, sometimes you take two steps forward and one step back.” In recent years, health Pele’s deterioration and was hospitalized several times, one of which in April 2019 in Paris, due to an acute urinary tract infection. in Brazil had a kidney stone removed. In November 2014, Pele suffered from an acute urinary tract infection, which forced him to enter the ICU and undergo dialysis, amid great concern. in all over the world for the possibility of the player’s death, which is one of the most important in history. Pele has only had one kidney since he was a player. A rib fracture during a match damaged his right kidney, which was eventually removed. Pelé, the only player in history to win the World Cup three times (1958, 1962 and 1970), scored 77 goals in 92 games with the “Celeção” jersey before retiring in 1977. He was chosen in 1999 by the International Olympic Committee, as one of the best athletes of the twentieth century, and then in one year as the best player of the century by the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA). (AFP)

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