The legend Pele was discharged from the hospital after routine checkups

Brazil: Sao Paulo hospital said Thursday that Brazilian soccer legend Pele was released from hospital today after two days of colon cancer treatment. Pele, who underwent surgery to remove a colon polyp last year, underwent new chemotherapy sessions. The Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo added that Pele, 81, was hospitalized in hospital Wednesday and “was discharged today, Thursday, in stable conditions. “And the sports network (ESBN) reported today that Pele had been diagnosed with bowel, liver and lung cancer and would be subjected to test to detect any new cancerous cells. The hospital only mentioned one “colon polyp” treatment and Pele’s agent did not confirm the ESPN report. Three-time World Cup winner, Pele underwent surgery to remove a tumor in September 2021 and spent about a month in treatment. But last month he was admitted to Albert Einstein Hospital to complete chemotherapy and was discharged on December 23. Pele, widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time, has struggled with a number of health problems in recent years, with recurring hip problems and pain after surgery, and cannot walk without assistance. (Reuters)