The liberation of new areas from the Houthis, south of Ma’rib

Today, Saturday, the forces of the Giant’s Brigades announced the liberation of new areas in the district of Harib, south of Ma’rib, in northeastern Yemen.

THE media soldiers of the Brigades of the Giants said that his forces had made great progress in the district of Harib, in a state of collapse in the ranks of the Houthi coup militia.

He explained that the Giants’ forces liberated new villages and areas in Harib from the Houthi militia after violent battles between the two sides with medium and light weapons.

He said the Giant Brigade forces liberated a number of villages in Harib district, which are the villages of: Bani Qais, Al Musa, Jerada, Al Hajla, Ikrimah Al Buthaif, Al Ateer, Al Musa and Qaryat Hilweh .

He added that the giant forces inflicted heavy casualties on the Houthi militia in terms of life and equipment, as hundreds of Houthis were killed and wounded, while many militia members fled.

The liberation of these villages in the Harib district by the Houthi militia coincided with the achievement of progress on the ground by the government forces on other fronts in the governorate of Marib.

The Joint Operations Operations Corner, Brigadier General Ali Hatem Al-Yesi, confirmed that Army forces, Popular Resistance and the Brigades of Giants continue to advance south of Ma’rib from all axes, indicating that the remnants of the Houthi militia are in a state of complete collapse and that victory for Yemen is near.

Brigadier Al-Yasi added, in a video statement released by the Yemeni army media center today Saturday that the army vanguards and the resistance on the Mala’a front are close to joining the brigades of the giants towards the Harib front.

Al-Yasi expressed his thanks to “all the heroes who have achieved great victories against the Iranian militias”.

He praised “the aerial coverage of the coalition hawks to bolster Saudi Arabian-led legitimacy”, noting that “they are doing their role to the fullest and have great credit for winning recent victories.”

The center also released a video clip of the new advances of the National Army forces against the Houthi militia in the southern front of the Marib Governorate.

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