The Lion King: Dog’s Emotional Reaction to Mufasa’s Death Scene Goes Viral on TikTok

The Emotional Impact of Disney’s “The Lion King” on a Dog

Disney movies are known for their ability to create emotional impact on viewers. However, there are a few scenes that stand out in terms of their ability to achieve this goal. Two such scenes are the death scenes in “Bambi” and “The Lion King“. These scenes have been the subject of numerous studies that have examined their emotional impact on audiences, particularly children. Recently, a TikTok video went viral showing a dog’s strong reaction to Mufasa’s death in “The Lion King”, highlighting the effectiveness of the scene in eliciting an emotional response. The video has sparked renewed interest in the use of emotional stimuli in media and its impact on the audience.

A Dog’s Emotional Reaction to Mufasa’s Death

In a TikTok video shared by Zoe Ansary, her dog Bosco is seen exhibiting signs of emotional intelligence while watching a poignant scene from “The Lion King”. The scene depicts the tragic event of Mufasa’s death, caused by a wildebeest stampede orchestrated by Scar. Bosco displays a remarkable understanding of the animated characters’ emotions and reacts accordingly through whimpering and crying. This emotional response by the dog is a testament to the complex cognitive abilities of animals and the depth of their emotional range. Witnessing Bosco’s reaction to the scene is a poignant reminder of how deeply animals can empathize with fictional characters and their own kind alike.


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Bosco’s Reaction to the Remake

Ansary’s video of Bosco, a dog, watching “The Lion King” remake in 2019 went viral with over 5.5 million views in a matter of days. Ansary later recorded Bosco’s reaction during Mufasa’s death scene and observed that despite the different animation style, Bosco remained attentive to the screen. Bosco’s ability to distinguish the antagonist, Scar, from other characters highlights the story’s universal appeal and its ability to capture the attention of even non-human animals.

The Impact on Other Dogs

The video prompts an inquiry into the prevalence of dogs exhibiting an emotional response similar to Bosco’s while watching “The Lion King”. The collective reaction from other canines indicates that there may be certain elements in the movie that strike a chord with our four-legged companions.

Continuing the Lion King Story

To the informed fans of “The Lion King”, there is exciting news on the horizon. Disney has announced the upcoming release of a prequel titled “Mufasa: The Lion King”, helmed by Barry Jenkins. The film will delve into the backstory of Mufasa and Scar prior to Simba’s emergence and is slated to premiere on July 5, 2024. It will be fascinating to observe how the technical aspects of this new chapter in the beloved franchise are received by this erudite audience.

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