The live execution of the killer of Naira Ashraf .. It’s happening!

For the first time in the history of the Egyptian judiciary, a court is calling for execution in direct death sentence, as the Mansoura Criminal Court has asked for the execution of the death sentence by hanging of the young Muhammad Adel, the murderer of his colleague Naira, in wave and in front of the spectators.

In the grounds for its ruling in the case in which sentenced the murderer to death, the court said it was time to change the legislative text to allow the execution of the murderer’s punishment in wave, since his crime was on the air, and in front of surveillance cameras and cell phones, adding saying and in legal language, although “the obsession of media broadcast the crime on The public terrorizes the safe with fear and panic, and it isn’t long before society grieve with the same crime again.

The court asked to modify the text of article 65 of the law governing the reform and community rehabilitation centers organized for the application of the death penalty. Allow to broadcast in video executions of death sentences are broadcast, albeit for a small part from the beginning of the executive procedures, in order to achieve the desired general deterrence, which has not yet been achieved, by transmitting only the pronouncement of the sentences.

Furthermore, the court revealed all the messages and threats of the accused murderer against the killed colleague on the merits of his sentence, and stated that in the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office in case no. God, he is 22 years old, and by profession he is a student at the Faculty of Arts, Mansoura University, and resides in the first district of Al-Mahalla Al-Kubra, Governorate of Gharbia. And the failure of her multiple attempts to force her to do so, as she has established a plan to kill her, in who set the time for her to take exams at the end of the school year at Mansoura University as a date to commit her crime, for the certainty of her presence in her, and nominated in that day the bus that would take her and go with her, hiding a knife in the folds of her clothes until she reached her clothes.In front of the university, she was surprised by several stabs in the back, and she fell to the ground, so he stabbed her and cut her neck intent on taking her soul during some attempts to protect and threaten them. Inflicting the wounds described in the autopsy report.

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With flattery and intimidation

The court revealed that the defendant continued to approach the girl and court her until he expressed a desire to be associated with her before the exams for the 2021 college year, but she rejected him and left, so he l ‘she stalked with her messages via accounts registered in her name on some social messaging sites from her two cell phones, and had a broad sense of belonging. He haunted her with sweet words at times, as if saying in a message: “I need you very much, I promise you that you will see a new person, I have changed the rigidity of the past period, I have done many wrong things, but I have done better things, medicine, I swear, I miss you and I miss the your voice. my only one, o soul of your mother, in your mood or against you, and there is no creature that touches a hair of you but me, and there is no thought that comes towards you, so no one is going to get close to you, or you are getting close to someone, you have to listen to me if you have to. “

The court added that the defendant persecuted the girl in obscene because he banned his accounts to prevent you from receiving his conversations and messages. So he didn’t despair and offered her to marry him, and she refused her, and so she made her into her family, so he persecuted her. in reality as it pursues it in the virtual world; And he threatened to kill her with letters vowing to kill her, including a text: “By God, your end will be in my hands, Nayra, once again, there is no benefit, and my religion will kill you, and the throne of the our The Lord won’t let you wait a moment. Provide it, because God’s covenant won’t leave you in a healthy part and no one besides me will touch a hair of you “.

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The court added that the accused, in another message, said to the girl: “It is true that the next period, learn to hit fire, or see Muhammad Ramadan or Al-Saqa training with a box, because your end is on my hands, Naira, is that as long as the world unites us, the Hereafter will unite us “.

The court said the investigator asked the defendant after his statements that the girl’s family held a customary session for him. in they asked him to stay away from his daughter, and he said, “Did you respond to their request to stay away from the victim and not follow her with harm and expose yourself to her?” He replied: “No, but I followed them as far as I could.” From her in the exams and he was sincere towards her. “He admitted during the period leading up to the last month of Ramadan, he was trying to communicate with her to put an end to what was between them and return to one with the other, but she refused and banned her contacts, and said so in a text in the sixteenth newspaper: “I am the length of the period before Ramadan that passed, and I was doing the math to communicate with them, because they were my block workers in any case for them “.

He added that since the month of Ramadan he has decided to get rid of the victim to put an end to what was between them, and he has made his decision to himself to take revenge on her and end her life, and said to than a text of her confession in the Eleventh newspaper: End this issue, and I decided to myself if I would avenge myself and get rid of her, and I took the exams for the second trimester to do what I had in lie and take revenge … You know what I can do. “

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The court added that the anatomical report showed that the victim’s injuries consisted in seventeen wounds in the back of the scalp, in the back of the left palm, 5 cm long, and in the wrist joint about 3 cm long, and two brutally in the left humerus, about 2 and 5 long. The length of the left elbow posterior is about 7 cm, and the two posterior to the left lower humerus are about 3 and 4 cm long, the left posterior humerus is about 3 cm long, and three are on the left side, their lengths are 2, 3 and 5 cm , and two are on the right front of the neck in transverse position, their lengths are 4 and 6 cm, to the right of the neck in a transverse position, about 6 cm long, distal phalanx posterior to the right thumb, about 1 cm long, and lateral to the right index finger, about 6 cm long An agrarian wound in the back of the neck in transverse position that causes a dislocation between the third and fourth vertebrae, and two localized scratches on the lateral forearm in lower left above the left chest, as well as the angina lesion in the back of the neck and subsequent dislocation between the third and fourth vertebrae, which led to a lowering of the posterior neck. And circulatory and respiratory ended in death.

From the biological laboratory report it was established that the knife used in the accident, with a wooden hand, has a broken edge, a length of about 15 cm, and a maximum width in contact with the hand is about 3 cm, and that the DNA fingerprint extracted from the knife scan is a mixture that includes the genetic fingerprint of nuclear DNA extracted from the gauze of the victim, Naira Ashraf Ahmed Abdel Qader, and an incomplete genetic fingerprint of the defendant, Muhammad Adel Muhammad Ismail Awad Allah. And that the DNA fingerprint extracted from the handkerchief and the pavement scan is a mixture that included the genetic fingerprint of the DNA extracted from the victim’s gauze. The Mansoura Criminal Court had sentenced the accused to death by hanging, with the fastest sentence ever seen by the Egyptian judiciary.