The looted funds of Lebanon … lawyers and activists are looking for in Paris help

The Lebanese hopes of recovering their stolen money are not diminishing, despite the gloomy picture in the country, which is threatened with food insecurity for part of the population, how die “FAO” – die World Food Organization in their latest report warns.

With the loss of confidence in some Lebanese judicial authorities in conducting an investigation in Acts of corruption and misappropriation of public funds due to the influence of politicians were brought up by a number of lawyers and activists die Popular movement, die started on October 17, 2019 die external judiciary is supposed to investigate die looted Lebanese funds and die Initiate embezzlement of foreign aid to finance development projects.

Among the initiatives die Activists in Lebanon, after the popular movement began to investigate the looted funds, turned to lawyers die French justice.

Noteworthy about the movement in Direction Paris is however die Request from the French authorities to listen to Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian as a witness to the waste of public funds in Lebanon, die the French state in the US has made available in the form of donations, over die he before in had made one of his statements before the start of the popular movement in Lebanon.

Hearing of the French Foreign Minister ?!

Issued on December 21st die Treasury Prosecutor’s Office issued a court order (copy of which from was found) with the number 8855/2019, which is at die French judicial authorities was directed to a witness for die Corruption of the Lebanese political class and die Waste of public funds. Provided by the French state and Lebanese funds.

The finance prosecutor, Judge Ali Ibrahim, denied in a statement to die Question of the contract not and stated that it has been on for some time die French authorities and contained die on the fate of the donations submitted news from Paris in Made in recent years to support development projects, but they evaporated.

While die from Al verified judicial delegation die The finance prosecutor denied the invitation to hear Le Drian as a witness in the case of the looted Lebanese funds die Tendency to listen to the French minister and reiterated this investigation into corruption files would continue.

Le Drian Info

In this regard, lawyer Jihad Dhibian, the owner of the initiative, shared die French Justice, with that we have all papers and files over to the French judiciary die looted funds have been presented and it is understood that die The testimony of Foreign Minister Le Drian will in Brevity because of the information and dates, die he owns about the looted money in Lebanon, especially since he was a former head of the French secret service and exactly die Truth about die Lebanese know public finances.

He also said: “We communicate with Lebanese communities in more than one country to coordinate positions and actions to recover the stolen money. “

Nissan “Lahab” with penalties

Are European sanctions coming?

In addition, the Lebanese lawyer announced that “April will be a” fire “against Lebanese politicians since die European Union will impose sanctions on corrupt politicians, die Involved in looting public money and European aid.

He noted that “the European Parliament in terms of accountability for die those responsible for corruption in Lebanon and the need to recover the stolen money, fast is unanimous, and that the French Foreign Minister had previously made statements about die corrupt political class in Lebanon has given up officials were involved in looting public funds, so he will in heard as a witness in this case. “”.

Information about the start of the European Union’s investigations has been circulating for some time in in reference to die Million dollars die die European Commission in Lebanon has lost due to falsified plans to implement development projects, as well as over die Misappropriation of EU aid to Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

$ 800 billion looted

It is noteworthy that the US Treasury Department die Looted funds in Lebanon estimated at $ 800 billion, as reported by the Washington Post in stated in one of their reports, and that 90 percent of those who die ruled the country, “Wall Street Journal” was also implemented.

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