The Louis Vuitton UFO-like the speaker is now available for pre-orders

The Louis Vuitton UFO-like the speaker is now available for    pre-orders

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton unveiled a new wireless speaker that looks like like was raised straight out of a science science fiction film. The Horizon Light Up, unveiled in in early July, it’s a hardcover speaker in skin that takes on a UFO-like aesthetics thanks to a smattering of lights and one conical shape. But the French fashion brand says the design inspiration for the speaker is rooted in his iconic Toupie bag, which takes shape of a spinning top.

The Horizon Light Up can be pre-ordered now for makes you water in mouth price of $ 2,890 (around £ 2,100, AU $ 3,900), onwards of its worldwide launch set for July 31. (You knew it wouldn’t be cheap.) This represents the French label latest foray into the audio industry, even if those lined up up for buy this product probably won’t be audiophile.

That said, the Horizon Light Up appears more promising compared to the typical fashion-over- portable speaker function, at least on paper. His equipped with a matching 3-inch subwoofer with 0.75 inch tweeter than LV says combine to deliver 360 degrees sound. what’s up? more supports both Apple AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth 5.1, as well as a dedicated Louis Vuitton Connect app, which can be used to personalize things like color scheme or potentially a multi-room setup.

Louis Vuitton is traditionally synonymous with luxury designer bags, but the French label has released high-end consumer electronics for for several years now, launching his first (and unique) smartwatch in 2017. Last year, Louis Vuitton released wireless earphones, called Horizon earphones, in a myriad of colors complete with the company signature logo emblazoned on the earphones.

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