The madness of the gas price is an opportunity to develop Egyptian exports. Like?

Alaa Al-Saqati, vice president of the Egyptian Federation of Investor Associations and head of the Federation of Small and Medium-sized Industries, felt that the steady rise in gas prices would provide an opportunity for new entrants to enter the market as producers seek alternatives. globally.

Al-Saqati stated in an interview with Al-Arabiya that the current price of 4.5 dollars per ton in Egypt is competitively priced in around the world, in light of the current price increases.

He added: “The high price doesn’t always hurt the factory, but it does used correctly, it would be appropriate, Take advantage of buyers’ research for new alternatives and options.

Considers that gas buyers usually, in a time of high prices, “they turn to new markets, and this is a good opportunity for new producers, provided there is government intervention to ensure that gas prices do not rise in Egypt and that not to overcome tale number, to take advantage of the opportunities deriving from the increase in external factory prices ”.

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