The Mafia leader embarrassed Erdogan Why is Ankara turning a blind eye?

The consequences of the videos, in those of the Turkish mafia leader Sedat Bekir in Turkey performed last until now, having performed in 7 Videos, die He began publishing on YouTube weeks ago, high-ranking government officials such as the current Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu, as well as the former, his son, the son of the former prime minister and others involved in the killing of Kurdish journalists and opponents in the 1990s as well as drug trafficking and smuggling, abuse of power and rape.

Apparently, the 49-year-old Mafia boss, who lives outside Turkey, has temporarily stopped posting videos after posting on Twitter two days ago die Government of the country on his verified account in warned in a tweet not to use “satanic” tactics against him.

Becker revealed in in his series of tweets that he was “ready” to lose his life, and added in added another tweet to Ankara: “You will face a male enemy if you fight me as a man and you will face the greatest demon in the world if you act like a devil. “

Ankara has not lifted a finger

Although die Videos, in which Bekir appeared, looked at by millions and in made headlines in the international and Turkish media, in particular in those who die associated with the opposition has die Government of the Justice and Development Party under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and in the die National movement too die Party participates but has not moved legally so far, although die Opposition as a prelude to security investigations die Suleiman Soylu, the current Minister of the Interior, has called for dismissal.

It was enough die Branch of the Turkish Bar Association in Izmir criminal charges against Becker and die him accused of being involved in the murders of at least two journalists with a Kurdish businessman in the 1990s, drug trafficking, abuse of power and kidnapping, yes die Authorities No investigations are ongoing according to 3 sources of the bar association.

Soylu in the eye of the storm

Bekir publicly accused Soylu of providing police protection and die largest opposition party, die Republican People’s Party, revealed in Documents that the current Minister of the Interior provided Bekir with classified security information and also given him a jammer that prevented his phone from tapping calls before he left the country last year. Former Interior Minister Mehmet Agar and his son and Arkan Yildirim, son of former Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, were also charged with drug trafficking, but all of Becker’s accused later denied this and filed criminal charges against the Mafia boss on the pretext of “defamation and defamation “.

Confidential information about senior officials

Commenting on these facts, Meral Kaban, an official with the Izmir Bar Association, said, “Beker leads an armed mafia and said he assisted Soylu, Ben Ali Yildirim’s son and others in conducting many operations, and he also released confidential information about senior government officials claiming that the state is holding on to its strength and that it supports and cooperates with it and therefore is what it is in revealed a series of videos, very important and that is why we have die Authorities urged to take action immediately and dismiss Soylu from his post. “

Opposite “”added the lawyer that”die Authorities have not conducted an investigation and die Government persons, die Becker has accused, like the current Minister of the Interior, supported instead of punishing him, “and stressed that”die Allegations “The mafia leader should be taken seriously, however die Justice hasn’t moved.

And she added: “Becker’s allegations are known to a large group of Turkish society, but the difference is that they were made public by a person close to the authorities, also they had a big impact in Turkey. “

Called for a few days ago die Bar Association die Dismissal of Soylu from office, so die Authorities investigate him without his being in a position from which he could escape without accountability.

The videos, in who the mafia leader appeared, reached Erdogan, he also commented on them with the words: “It’s sad, in to see miserable people in our country, die Get help from mafia gangs. “

“Everyone is afraid”

At least two lawyers from the Turkish Bar Association said: “Everyone is afraid die The defendants are prominent figures in the government or close to it. “

They added to Al added: “But die Government should at least have launched a parliamentary inquiry die To decide the validity of Becker’s allegations against high-ranking officials. “

Becker’s allegations would reopen the case of the murders of the Cypriot journalist Kutlu Adali, the Turkish Ugur Mumcu and the Kurdish businessman Sawas Buldan, husband of the current co-chair of the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party.

All three were in the 1990s in been killed at different intervals on the orders of the Minister of the Interior, who then asked Becker for help with the removal bat, how in one of his most recent videos is called.

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