The Mandalorian Chapter 5 breaks the imagination with fan service

Part of the success of The Mandalorian to date is the familiarity of the world. In each episode of the Disney Plus series, the audience performs with a familiar face (er, helmet) and a baby that resembles Yoda. It’s Star Wars.

But you can also visit places in the Star Wars universe that you have never seen before. It was an adventure into the dangerous unknown, with the laconic mando as leader. Until the fourth episode, the entire fan service was put in the corners of the frame. However, it will be further developed in Chapter 5. The result is about 30 minutes played almost like a Star Wars parody with a Han Solo cosplayer.

(Ed. Note: This article contains spoilers for the Mandalorian chapter 5.)

“The Gunslinger” opens a dogfight between the Mandalorian and a nameless bounty hunter in space. I had a bad feeling on this episode when they invaded the enemy cockpit and showed an actor in a black helmet and an oxygen mask of a modern fighter pilot, as if he were an extra to Sewer Shark. The overall production quality of Episode 5 appears to be slightly lower than previous posts.

After the screaming is over, the Mandalorians roll over to Mos Eisley to facilitate the landing. When he does, Amy Sedaris (with hair inspired by Richard Simmons) waits to repair the razor coat of arms. The problem is that Mando has no more credits, so he sneaks into the cantina – yes, this cantina – to find work.

“Do you want a straw?” Lucasfilm

For the next few moments, The Mandalorian sets about playing one of the most famous scenes in science fiction history until someone sits at Han Solo’s favorite spot and has his feet on the table. The creature work is excellent, to be honest, with a lizardman and an ape-like thing in the background. But everything is so precise and deliberately framed that it almost looks like a jerk.

In the Cantina, our hero encounters a bounty hunter, played by Jake Cannavale, who needs help to reach his first brand. The two then board the two old-school speederbikes that sit back and drive across the Dune Sea to hunt down Fennec Shand, which is played by a lesser-used Ming-Na Wen. Just as in the Cantina, the camera, the sound effects and the flat delivery of Cannavale are reminiscent of the original films. Until this time, these are the worst moments of the prequel trilogy. The sight of Hayden Christensen, whose Jedi robes flutter in the wind as he rushes to commit some killings outside the Jundland Wastes, echoes through The Gunslinger.

There is little chance that Ming-Na Wen’s character will not be dead at the end of the episode. Here is at least the hope.Lucasfilm

Pedro Pascal’s performance flourishes in the small scenes between all these long digital crane shots. Eventually, he actually communicates with a pair of Tusken Raiders, the notorious “sand people,” who have been Tatooine’s villains for over 40 years. But Mando actually speaks her language and negotiates a safe passage for him and the newbie. There are so many other storytelling opportunities that can be found on the sidelines of the Star Wars canonical films.

The rest of Chapter 5 is fine, but barely compensates for the scratches caused by the rise. To be successful, the Mandalorian must continue the path of discovery. It has to tell stories that run perpendicular to the famous films and branch out to show us something new. Just wandering along the well-traveled paths Star Wars fans have been following for decades, Baby Yoda will not bring in a second season.

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