The martyrdom of 9 Palestinians The “Islamic Cooperation” and the “Arab League” ask for intervention

Today (Thursday), the Israeli army killed nine Palestinians, including an elderly woman, and wounded others during a military operation in Jenin, in the northern occupied West Bank. The Palestinian Health Ministry said, “The toll of the victims has risen to” nine martyrs , including an elderly woman, since this morning. Doctors and eyewitnesses have reported a large number of deaths, and the ministry has indicated that the situation in the Jenin camp is very critical, blaming l army to “break into the government hospital in Jenin and deliberately fire tear gas canisters into it.

And the deputy governor of Jenin, Kamal Abu Al-Rub, spoke of a real state of war in Jenin and in his camp, underlining that the Israeli army destroys everything and shoots everything that moves.

In turn, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation condemned in the strongest terms the continued military incursion of the Israeli occupation forces into the city of Jenin and its camp, and the continued crimes committed in the occupied Palestinian territories, which today led to deaths of 8 Palestinian citizens, as well as many wounded. Among them are dangerous cases.

The organization has held the Israeli occupation authorities fully accountable for this heinous crime, which embodies an extension of (continuing Israeli) aggression and terrorism against the Palestinian people, renewing its call to the international community for urgent action to order to put an end to these daily attacks and crimes, hold the perpetrators accountable and provide international protection to the Palestinian people.

And the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States has held the Israeli government, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, “fully responsible for having committed the horrendous bloody massacre”, holding that tale process “is continuing under the direct supervision of Netanyahu and his war staff, in that a number of martyrs rose up and led to the fall of the wounded”.

Ambassador Dr. Saeed Abu Ali, Assistant Secretary General for Palestine and the Occupied Arab Territories of the Arab League, condemned, in a statement (Thursday), “the massacre that the Israeli occupation army continues to carry out, using all kinds of weapons of killing, executions on the ground, destruction of public property and institutions, and desecration of hospitals.”

In Amman, the Jordanian government condemned continued Israeli incursions into occupied Palestinian cities and repeated attacks on them, most recently the attack on the city of Jenin.

The official spokesman of the foreign ministry, ambassador Sinan Majali, denounced the Israeli military escalation campaign, which risks triggering a new cycle of violence, for which everyone will pay the price. pace it is pushing towards a dangerous escalation that threatens security and stability, and kills the hope of a pace right and the feasibility of the process pace.

Majali stressed the need for Israel to stop all its military operations and all illegal measures that undermine the two-state solution and the chances of achieving paceunderlining the importance of launching a real effort to resume negotiations and reach a pace right that ends the occupation and embodies the independent Palestinian state with occupied East Jerusalem as its capital along the 4th of July (June) lines.

The latest Israeli escalation comes two days after the Israeli prime minister’s visit to Amman and his meeting with the Jordanian monarch, King Abdullah II Pax. In Netanyahu’s first foreign visit after the formation of his coalition government of far-right forces, the Jordanian king stressed the need to respect the historical and legal statuses existing in the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque and Al-Qudsi Al- Sharif, and not to harm them. Furthermore, the political and partisan forces have begun to carry out sit-in mass in the capital, Amman. Condemning the massacres committed by the occupation against the Palestinian people, the latest of which was the killing of 9 Palestinians from the city of Jenin.


The most important massacres committed against the Palestinians

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The Deir Yassin massacre of 1948

The Abu Shusha village massacre in 1948

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The Qibya massacre of 1953

The Qalqilya massacre of 1956

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The 1956 Khan Yunis massacre

The Al-Aqsa mosque massacre in 1990

The Ibrahimi Mosque massacre in 1994

Jenin camp massacre in 2002