The Matrix 4 updates Neo’s White Rabbit to its main freedom fighter.

In The Matrix, Neo (Keanu Reeves) “White Rabbit” played a significant role in discovering his fate as One. A tattoo of a Gothic woman took him to a nightclub, where he began to explore the idea of ​​freedom further. The symbol matched Morpheus’s message shortly before, allowing Trinity College to plant seeds. Speaking of the journey that changed her life down into the rabbit hole she wanted on her trip, it is one of the series’s shortest but most important sculptures. Well, that was even more important when Matrix Resurrections updated Neos White Rabbit to make him its most important freedom fighter.

This “White Rabbit” is now confirmed: Jessica Henwick’s Bugs, which had more screen time than the Nanobot version of Morpheus. Neo had previously ignored Morpheus’ attempts to seduce her. Still, he quickly listened to the mistakes and realized that she was less robotic and far more passionate than her escape from real life.

Morpheus offered her the red and blue pills, but none of his words sounded like insects because Neo thought they were more human. She was lovable and honest, full of heart and soul, which is why he followed her to a hiding place after Morpheus began his journey with the right pill. And most importantly, when she took off her jacket, she had a giant tattoo of a white rabbit, which is why it’s called Bugs Bunny Reef.

It’s also a meta because Bugs is owned by Warner Bros., with WB as the studio behind these films and Neo Company, such as Thomas Anderson, designing the Matrix video game in the mock digital build. That said, as much as Bugs Neo was released spiritually, this white rabbit helped him physically separate as he arrived in the real world, which was soon ready for the new war.

He took him to New Zion, IO, and made him understand that his soldiers would fight with him. But his worth did not stop there, as he also offered his brains to Sati and added Machine City to free Trinity from the pods. She also ignored the IO’s advice to do all of these things. She turned out to be a rebel who combined the ancient essences of Morpheus and the Trinity and did everything she could to help Neo become whole again.

He never questioned IO’s betrayal or how risky it was to get Trinity’s body back – he just trusted that a released Trinity would make the best possible Neo. And what made their journey even more innovative than when the Bugs were on Friday years ago? No one has found them and taken them. While Bugs was cleaning the windows of the skyscrapers, he saw a disguised figure of Neo trying to bring out of a building but seeing who it was.

It was a magical connection in this cyber realm, where she realized that the Messiah still existed and needed to get into real life as soon as possible. It is the awakening, discovery, and realization that the characters in this series do not live alone. Like The White Rabbit, it creates a deeper pseudo-religious connection with Neo. He freed her, just as she freed him, which is why she has jumped for years to find him and reward him with immortal faith.

And on top of that, the Bugs have been outstanding in many action sequences, defending Neo and reconnecting to Sati’s project to save his team. From bulletproof to dodging various attacks, bugs have proven that everyone is even more protected, no matter how small. And in her compassionate, less extremist stance, she was the film’s true leader and one Neo respected and encouraged.

See the White Rabbit star in The Matrix Resurrections, now in theaters and on HBO Max.

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