The mayor of an American city revealed a secret to “Tesla” … then he canceled his post

A California mayor said Tesla has begun building what he calls a “mega-factory” or giant new factory in his hometown, praising the planned facility. in a post Facebook, which has since been deleted.

“We are proud to host the huge factory, Tesla’s latest expansion here,” he wrote in post Lathrop Mayor Sonny Daliwall.

“The future of green energy will be produced here in our community,” he added.

The plan is to expand the plant to produce Megapacks, an energy storage product that is sold to power plants.

Tesla’s main US car plant is located in Fremont, in neighboring Alameda County.

Bloomberg was unable to contact representatives of Tesla, which currently manufactures batteries in a factory in Nevada, for comment, nor was it possible to reach the mayor’s office to explain why the post was deleted.

Lathrop’s expansion would be a good sign that California remains an important part of Tesla’s footprint. After the company president Elon Musk moved in Texas in December and criticized California’s policies, there was concern that Tesla’s operations might leave the state.

And while Tesla is best known for its electric vehicles, it has always been more than just a car manufacturer. It says its official mission is “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy”. Batteries are required for the entire utility to store the electricity produced by wind and solar energy.

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