The Mayor of Istanbul over die Investigation into his demeanor: funny and ridiculous

Istanbul’s opposition Mayor Akram Imamoglu said, die recent investigations against him because of his visit to the mausoleum of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II (Mehmed the Conqueror) are “funny” and “ridiculous”.

In addition, Imamoglu added to reporters on Wednesday, “We are facing fun things and it seems they will go on,” adding, “Our nation broke in Laughter and mocked those die made that decision. “

‘Rotate the Shrine’

Cumhuriyet newspaper announced on Tuesday that the Interior Ministry had opened an investigation into Istanbul Mayor Akram Imamoglu. The picture shows how Imamoglu with folded hands in near the mausoleum of Sultan Mehmed II as he turns towards the shrine, die was viewed by Imamoglu as a turn to the shrine.

Later on Tuesday, the Interior Ministry confirmed what Cumhuriyet had released and said it had appointed a civil inspector at the request of the Istanbul Prosecutor’s Office.

The ministry announced that die Prosecutors have ordered an investigation because Imamoglu walked behind the back of the tomb of Mehmed the Conqueror with folded hands during a visit to mark the anniversary of the conquest of Istanbul.

Sarcastic reactions

The footage triggered reactions between sarcastic die Decision to investigate the Mayor of Istanbul about his walk and resentment at the footage, which some viewed as an insult to Imamoglu for the mausoleum of the Ottoman Sultan that opened Istanbul.

In his statement on Wednesday, Imamoglu added: “If we see a person from now on, will we file a criminal complaint die goes with his hands behind his back? ”And he added,“ This is the spirit of government officials whose only purpose is to fight against Akram Imamoglu. “

Imamoglu’s visit to HDP mayors in Diyarbakir in August 2019, after they were released by the Interior Ministry for “terrorist” investigations against them, is also being investigated for “praising crimes and criminals,” according to the ministry.

Imamoglu expressed solidarity with the HDP mayors, die were replaced by government-appointed secretaries following their March 2019 election victory.

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