The Meaning Behind John Krasinski’s Mr. Fantastic Design in Doctor Strange 2

When John Krasinski appeared as Mr. Fantastic in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Fans of the Fantastic Four franchise may have been eagerly anticipating the casting of John Krasinski as Reed Richards for years, so it was a thrilling moment when he finally took on the role in 2022. However, amidst all the excitement, fans may have overlooked one fascinating detail about the character’s design. Despite Krasinski’s brief portrayal of the iconic character, much care was taken to ensure that the execution of his performance was done as well as possible. Though it’s highly unlikely that Krasinski will return for the MCU’s upcoming Fantastic Four movie, fans can rest assured that his portrayal of Reed Richards will remain a memorable one.

Mr. Fantastic Detail in Doctor Strange 2

In the recently published book titled “Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness: The Art of The Movie,” Ryan Meinerding, who is the Head of Visual Development at Marvel Studios, revealed some interesting insights about the design of Mr. Fantastic’s suit, played by John Krasinski in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film. According to Meinerding, the design of Mr. Fantastic’s suit was not just about aesthetics, but it also had a deeper meaning that reflected the hero’s powers. He further explained that when designing characters from the early Marvel comics, it’s crucial to “get it right” while also balancing the modern with something that will “feel like the character.” This intriguing revelation has sparked the curiosity of Marvel fans, who are eagerly waiting to see how Mr. Fantastic’s suit will look in the movie and what other secrets it may hold.:”

“Any time we get back into the characters that are from the very beginning, it ends up feeling like a tremendous responsibility. You have to get it right. You have to modernize it to a degree, but you also have to get something that is going to resonate with the fans and feel like the character.”

During a recent interview, a member of the production team discussed the importance of making Mr. Fantastic a distinct character in the upcoming film adaptation. The team member emphasized that this was particularly crucial as the character had already been portrayed on the big screen in previous adaptations. The team member went on to explain that they needed to ensure that their version of Mr. Fantastic stands out from previous portrayals and that they were working hard to make the character unique and memorable in their own way.

“In the case of Mister Fantastic, he’s one of those characters that’s already been on the big screen. So you’re trying to come up with something that still feels classic and interesting, yet modern enough to exist in an MCU movie and distinct from what’s been done before.”

In an interview, Ryan Meinerding, the Marvel Studios’ head of visual development, provided an insightful explanation for the design of Reed Richards’ suit in the upcoming movie “Fantastic Four.” Meinerding pointed out that the extra stripes on the suit were not mere decorations, but rather had a symbolic significance. According to him, the black stripes were added to give more structure to the suit and to the wearer’s body, while the blue parts were designed to stretch, reflecting the character’s superhuman ability to elongate his body. This level of detail in the costume design shows the care and attention that the filmmakers are putting into bringing the beloved comic book characters to life on the big screen.

“The intent of putting those extra stripes in there was to say that the black parts add structure to the costume and to his body, and the blue parts stretch.”

In an effort to make the Illuminati members appear more refined, Ryan Meinerding, the head of visual development for Marvel Studios, tasked the costume designers with creating a sophisticated look for the characters. To achieve this goal, costume designer Judianna Makovsky took Reed’s costume design challenge seriously, not aiming to evoke any sense of nostalgia. According to Meinerding, the intention was for the Illuminati members to have a polished appearance, and Reed’s costume was specifically designed to contribute to this aesthetic.

“Aesthetically, they’re meant to look a little more put together than some of our other teams of heroes. That’s just the notion of being on The Illuminati. There’s almost a heaviness to that team. So for Reed, I was trying to lean into something that felt like it was taking the design challenge as seriously as possible. It wasn’t supposed to necessarily be a throwback. It wasn’t supposed to feel nostalgic.”

Ryan Meinerding, the head of visual development at Marvel Studios, expressed his gratitude for the chance to create the visual representation of classic comic book characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Meinerding’s excitement is palpable as he looks forward to the possibility of bringing any of the yet-to-be-introduced characters from the Marvel universe to life on the big screen. He described the prospect of introducing these beloved characters as “ridiculously exciting,” a testament to the passion and enthusiasm he brings to his work at Marvel Studios.

“Just hearing them talk about the potential of The Illuminati and who could possibly be on it was a huge treat. Having that council get filled out was really exciting. One of the fun things about working here is that there’s such a wealth of amazing characters left in the Marvel Comics universe that are still ridiculously exciting. At any given moment, if they decide to put somebody in a movie, it could turn into the coolest thing you’ve ever worked on.”

Bringing Marvel Comics Designs to the MCU

The development process of John Krasinski’s Mr. Fantastic costume is a fascinating story. It went through multiple iterations before becoming the final product. As the release date of the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot approaches, fans are eager to see more modernized costumes inspired by Marvel Comics. Whether it’s for the heroes like the Human Torch or the villains like Doctor Doom, there are plenty of opportunities for the filmmakers to explore and create new looks for the characters. In the world of comics, the Fantastic Four is known as Marvel’s First Family, which brings a double meaning to the FF acronym often used for the team or its related Future Foundation. The team has a classic golden-age vibe that is inherent to its identity. As a result, it wouldn’t be surprising to expect similarly modernized costumes in the 2025 reboot that balance the classic feel of the comics with new stories that can exist within the established Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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