THE media Spaniards praise Real Madrid’s victory in Champions League

Madrid: I media Spaniards praised the success of Real Madrid, the local champion, who rose in dramatic way against his host, Manchester City, in the second leg of the Champions League final last night, to qualify for the final of the first European championship for club. And a few minutes before the end, the City was in 1-0 lead and looked on track to qualify for the final against his compatriot Liverpool in Paris, before Rodrygo scored two goals towards the end and Karim Benzema added an extra-time penalty to win the in match the hosts 3-1 6-5, the aggregate result of the two games, home and away, after City’s 4-3 home win in the first leg. “Real Madrid belong to another world,” newspaper S, published in the Spanish capital, said in the headline, along with a photo of the team’s celebrations. And speaking of the result, the newspaper Sport said “Massive”, after Real Madrid managed once again to overturn their backlog, after having done so against Paris Saint-Germain, French champions in the round of 16. The Marca newspaper welcomed the success of Real Madrid, saying: “It is the best night in the history of the stadium (Santiago). Bernabeu”. A local radio station in Catalonia described what happened as “not football, but a paranormal phenomenon”. Real Madrid will meet May 28th final in Paris with Liverpool in the repeat of the match in the final of the 2018 edition (Reuters)